Elope in Scottsdale

Elope in ScottsdaleWelcome to Elope in Scottsdale℠

To Elope in Scottsdale means to get married stress-free.

If you are planning to be married further in advance of today or tomorrow, you may schedule a minister/wedding officiant for your wedding date in the future.

We travel to your Scottsdale location (home, resort, restaurant, park) to officiate your last-minute wedding in Arizona.  Our attire is normally formal, semi-formal or resort-casual, but you can dress as you like!

We are delighted to perform a brief wedding in Scottsdale (civil or religious) or just expedite the paperwork to get you married. If you would like to elope in another Arizona location, no problem, just ask.

Here are the 3 easy steps to Elope in Scottsdale!

Elope in Scottsdale1. LICENSE. Obtain a marriage license from any Arizona county. Here’s a link to the marriage license office nearest Scottsdale: Click here. Partners must be age 18 or over. Advice: A certified copy of the license is needed to change one’s name at Social Security and Motor Vehicles. Pre-pay for the certified copy when you buy the license and they mail it to you automatically. Certified copies are believed to be free for individuals in the active military, so ask when you apply at the court.

2. WITNESSES. Select two people age 18 (or older) to come with you to sign the marriage license as legal witnesses. (If you do not have witnesses we can help).

3. CALL US. We can schedule your elopement wedding today or tomorrow!

This isn’t just an affordable elopement wedding, but a way of helping you elope in Scottsdale worry-free. You can elope and get married now without all the stress of planning a big wedding in Scottsdale.

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